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Just for the fun of it all.

 Looks like the White House is sending in The Clowns on the Syria issue.

I have to get blogging again

Gearing up.

Hello Guys. It is Labor Day 2013

How are   the followers?  Let me hear a small note from you guys.  I may have time to  post more.

stay away from ASUS products.

If you are looking for a tablet, avoid ASUS brand.   I have been through, and am not done yet, with the most nightmarish episodes with them.  Even under warranty, my tablet got sent in to the service center in Texas, then they sent me the wrong tablet back, I returned it, they shipped me what was supposed to be mine after they claimed they found who they sent it to, then I got sent another tablet and yet again, they told me it was my actual unit I sent in, with all my user info and my personal 8GB Micro SD card in it to expand the memory,  and I have yet to get mine.

I cannot get a phone call. Not one fucking phone call. It takes days to get any response back.


A god damn nightmare.

cumming back soon with posts

I have been an a hiatus for a good while now.

Some things are behind me, some more are still ahead.

I  am looking forward to posting again.

see more soon.