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Cherry additions to The Villa this season

Cherry picked additions to The Villa this season and they are wonderful...

Pink is the favorite color this season. Pink Flamingos have been added to the grounds.

We have added a new automobile for our guests to use.

Enough wit it already. Groping and groping

I guess I might have to sit alone one night and ponder way the fuck back into my years past and see who hugged me and who kissed me and who held my waist or torso or bum when when all had to squeeze together to fit into the frame of some old Kodak photo for the office or family.

Forget ant statute of limitation.

Forget any presumed guilty until proved guilty.  How the fuck has it happened that any or all forms of familiarity have become contemptible?

Almost Christmas

Christmas in 2 weeks

So today

Nice and clear winter day today.

Today some thoughts