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Gay . Man. Marriage. YUCK!!!!

The plot is we gay guys realize we are going to live longer and we need someone to care for us. Our parents and ancestors had it figured out: breed. Breed a lot.

Gay guys are disappearing. Fun gay guy’s numbers are shrinking. Some of us old fashion gay guys remember what it is to be GAY: Gay meaning fucking carefree and happy and loving. Free loving.

What rational gay faggot wants to be in a monogamous lifelong relationship with another gay guy and have some adopted kids?  Who the fuck put something in our fucking Perrier?

We did not want to be like our parents or anybody else parents: Just fucking gay in the truest sense of the word.  Party all the time, smoke like a chimney, stay out all weekend. Go to parties all the time. And dress hot and workout all the time. Look good and feel great.

I am all for equal rights in the civil aspect, but fucking marriage and the chattel and contract that comes with it. Fuck that straight shit girlfriend. 

(Remember that they are like puppies and other pets, they grow up and are problematic).

Imagine having kids, no going out shopping for kids like a damn puppy, and not being able to run around the house naked as you want or break out on the kitchen floor with peanut butter, chocolate syrup and whip cream and keep the fire burning. Trade that in for PTA meetings where screaming "Girlfriend get a grip" just would not be the vernacular of the moment. We will become a diluted and no-existent sub-set of society.

 I want to be free to have fun, party have spontaneous sex with strangers and friends as me and my man desire. It is what makes us gay. Not a homosexual version of the cookie cutter version of our straight parents and counterparts.  When Freddie mercury sang those wonderful words in his son: " I WANT TO BE FREE! I WANT TO BE FREE!".  I do not think he was singing and anthem for gay men to fight to be straight acting, give up night clubs, drinking, sex, drugs and parties all night for fucking pimples, puberty, nasty fucking diapers and kids wetting the bed and public scrutiny if gay guys are playing with kids as perverts by public perception.   Gay is fucking gay. I want civil liberty recognition. Not marriage.  Yuck!

 (We could teach them the great value we gay guys come to appreciate.)

There are some guys who are gay that just want to play hard, drive fast and die young so we do not have to worry about who will wipe our ass when we get old. Just be gay, fuck getting old to be a tired old queen to be looked and ridiculed.

Just let us be gay.

Where can my race go shopping for free?

 Oh My God!

I missed the last riot event!

Where can my race go shopping for free?

Let some us  homme’ du Blanc know where the next riots will be. I have a  ghastly huge shopping list that needs to be filled out.

Is this something  other folks plan  ahead on when a riot starts? 

Just asking.

I only have a short list of electronics. I might need your next even to take place  at a culinary shop  because i need some fine no stick cookware and some espresso machines and some flavors for the espresso.

Buffy, Brad, Babs and Mimsy and I have some questions:

Oh and yeah, next riot location in advance so some of us can  know ahead where  the shops for men’s Seersucker and Muslin slacks are.Muslin is a fabric by the way and not a religion! Duh!

 We will spell everything so you can read it and then tweet a map out to you. 100 % cotton now.  By the way, the “%” sign means 100 percent. That means all cotton fabric.  In case you did not know !!!!! 

And when you get this stuff, stay away from the heavy riot fire and rough areas as so not to damage the  items.Where can my race go shopping for free?

Buffy, Brad, Babs and Mimsy and I

Just text us a nice clean location and make sure it is clean and safe. Germ free, quiet would be nice. We are sure you can just pick up a car to use for this service while all that rioting is going on.  Do you guys actually start out with a list when the looting starts, or is it just something that is like impulse shopping?  God knows how we folk can do some damage impulse shop[ping.  Buffy and Brad always wear white when we all go out.  We will make it worth your while.

We got some EBT cards from some of our servants and groundskeepers.  We think it will be a fair trade.

Toodles for now. Let us know early by text when the next riot event is happening. We watch Fox news a lot and not MSNBC. MSNBC sort of gets the ball rolling on this stuff we hear. So we would not know until it was too late.

Keep in touch. 

We think some of our staff will get deported soon and we can trade you some of their things they leave behind for the items you pick up for us in exchange.  We notice they leave in a hurry sometimes when these guys from the I.C.E. company show up to bring ice for our champagne and caviar parties.
Toodles for now.

Brad and Mimsy.

( this has been a social parody. No race of any kind was depicted, mentioned or described in this parody. Only your imagination, which I am sure is very colorful, is used.)