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Our 2 cents today- vices and The nanny State of America.

Who the fuck died and left someone in charge of ME?

Ok. What is wrong with the math here.

The United States is trying to tell the people who live here what to watch on television, eat in restaurants, less salt, less sugar, less tanning, wear seat belts, wear a helmet, life vests in boats, no drinking, less drink, no to everything while pregnant.  On and on and on.

Now this. If is is such a fucxking disaster to have individuals  wearing down the medical system from smoking, then why on earth is it so damn sensible to cover millions of illegals on the same system when they never paid a penny into the system or have their won fuckinh health coverage. So the money  that is supposed to be saved  by forcing us to deprive ourselves of vices we choose to enjoy, is wiped out or saved so we can cover illegals by the millions? To cover the crack heads and gangsters who overdoses and get scooped up and sent to the emergency room? What the fuck is going on here? There is no issue with smoking, sugar, salt, Big Fucking Mac;s.  Just a damn nanny state. How many junkies, crooks and other gangs who shoot each other up, get sent to the ER? You think they have a damn insurance card in the holster? 

If the government had any damn sense and let citizens do what they want when they want, they might die on time the way nature intended it to be, we would die happy and with no ulcers and die before we could collect that medicare and social security. That is the way to make the system get solvent. Die happy before you can get to it. Since when did others become our business? Like individuals do not have problems and issues of their own to deal with, they have to fuck with some other persons life?
Here is an article today. :

"Military's tobacco discount: Up in smoke

The familiar image of a battle-hardened member of the military smoking a cigarette may become a little less common.
The Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee on Tuesday approved a $549.3 billion defense spending bill that would eliminate the 25 percent discount that members of the armed services enjoy when buying tobacco products at commissaries and elsewhere, including cigarettes and chewing tobacco.
Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., chairman of the subcommittee, said studies show that tobacco use is higher in the military. He said that translates into more illnesses and health care costs of $1.6 billion a year.
"There is no reason these deadly products are subsidized," Durbin said."

Butts and more.